Standardized Tests 

Each year, all Veritas students, grades 3-12, are required to participate in Standardized Testing.  Standardized testing is accompanied by a set of established standards or an instructional framework to guide classroom learning and test preparation. This incremental approach creates benchmarks to measure student progress over time. It’s objective.


Grades K-2:  We do not administer standardized tests.  At this age, neurological development is still fluctuating, and so are the results.  We do not administer Standardized tests until 3rd grade)


Grades 3-6:  We administer the ERB-CTP: Comprehensive Testing Program


The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) developed by ERB (Educational Record Bureau) is administered by the top prep schools in the United States, and is a rigorous assessment for high achieving students in areas such as reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, science (online only) and mathematics. Verbal and quantitative reasoning subtests are part of the CTP beginning in Grade 3. The CTP helps compare content specific, curriculum-based performance to the more conceptual knowledge base found in reasoning tests.


Grades 7-11:  Fall Testing:  All 7th through 11th grade students are required to take the PSAT each October.


Grades 11-12:  SAT testing:  High School Code:  470456




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