Train students to think clearly and to listen with careful discernment, resulting in understanding and the ability to reason persuasively and articulate eloquently. In the light of Scripture, our graduates will serve with eagerness and in joyful submission to God.


Our Mission

Veritas Collegiate Academy partners with parents and the church, relies on the inerrant word of God as the firm foundation of academia, and leads the whole student into excellence so they may impact the world for Christ.


Christian Worldview

Veritas Collegiate Academy approaches every subject in submission to God and His Word. Scripture is the lens by which we discern order and truth in all subjects. Our commitment to a Christian worldview does not force us into narrow inquiry of the world. On the contrary, because God is the source of all truth, we examine and affirm truth wherever it is found. Veritas students discover and process the truths found in a broad range of literature, both Christian (i.e., Dante, Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin) and non-Christian (i.e., Aristotle, Homer, Virgil, and Nietzsche). Studying a broad range of literature prepares Veritas students to love learning and to lead in a world that has many ideas and philosophies that oppose Christ.


Our Motto

In Omnia Excellentia (Excellence in Everything)


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