Logic Stage

In the Logic Stage (7 – 8) of the Trivium, students begin to form their knowledge into ordered relationships. The goal is to equip students with the thinking skills necessary to recognize sound arguments and to detect and correct fallacious ones. This stage addresses the questions of how and why.


Philosophy: Teach Them to Think!  

The goal of the Trivium is not to educate students in what to think, but it is to teach them how to think – thoroughly, maturely and biblically. As students develop, they enjoy rote learning less, and they become more inquisitive. These are signs the student is leaving the Grammar Stage and moving into the Logic (or Dialectic) Stage.


God has made children of this age questioning, so at Veritas we teach them how to question things rightly and righteously. The overarching discipline of this stage is logic.


Click here to view the goals of our logic curriculum.

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